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Album Review: Ohibo Paronti - The Ballad of Ivy Gould

"The album, the third from Ohibo, has been inspired by a front-page newspaper article from the Empire News, dated 26th March 1933.

"The ten songs all link to form one complete story about the tragic life and death of Ivy Gould at the hands of her estranged and violent husband Abel."

"The journey is designed to show how perceived joy and happiness can turn into deep sadness and horror, before giving a final song of eternal hope for all."

Jeremy Rees

Album Review: Bel Blue - Our Places

"There is both a studio version and a outside 'live' recording of the title track 'Our Places', both of which are enhanced by the sound of birdsong recorded at Grangemoor on the banks of the River Ely in Cardiff where Bel wrote it. Acclaimed violinist Jamie Nemeth guests on the studio version. The fusion of music and lyrics have a poetic, almost hypnotic effect."

"Bel wrote and arranged all the songs, and played guitar, while Kevs Ford produced and played both acoustic & electric guitar and harmonium; Andy Constable provided the beats, and guest musicians Jamie Nemeth on violin & Ben Steer on mandolin brought their talents to bear to create what is an exceptional debut."

Album Review: Bel Blue - Our Places

"Bel is joined by prolific, award-winning violinist Jamie Nemeth, whose emotive strokes, along with harmonised vocals add to the evocative, haunting feel of the piece [Our Places]."

"Kevs discards his guitars in favour of a portable Pearl River harmonium at the beginning of 'Wild Dog Rose', where he is joined by Jamie's rhythmic violin on a wholly acoustic full band piece that also includes Ben Steer's mandolin and percussion from Andy Constable. With Bel's fingerstyle guitar and lyrics about striving to find peace of mind while pleading for grace, the song builds to a dramatic, sparkling crescendo at its climax."

"Kevs' warmly shimmering electric steel guitar provides a perfect compliment to Bel's acoustic rhythm but Ben Steer takes over guitar duties for 'Nant Ddu', a lovely folk-style tribute to a yew growing in that area of the Brecon Beacons. Jamie's haunting violin and Andy's gentle percussion paint pictures of the mighty majesty of the tree in a breeze, as it calls for human contact."

Folk Radio UK

Padraig Lalor: Light Up – featured review

"The album itself closes on an even livelier note, with the raucous Rinty Monaghan. Guitars, tom toms and a singalong chorus carry this song about Belfast’s boxing champion (and music hall star). It would be a crime to close this album without some more of Sarah [Passmore]’s stirring harmonies and this live recording is also enhanced by the short duet between Gill [O'Shea]’s whistle and Welsh fiddler Jamie Nemeth – an understated joy."

Welsh Connections

Gig Review: Lost Tuesday Society, Sarah Passmore & Curious Orange

"When the headliners took to the stage there was a hush of expectation. ... The Lost Tuesday Society are true professionals and the new rhythm section of Simon and Jay give the band a meatier, almost rock sound. ... For the next hour they drove the crowd wild with a frenetic, driven and magical performance. Alfie and Jamie feed off each other in an almost organic frenzy while Darran gave some great guitar lines, particularly on the new (as yet unreleased) single 'I Can See...' Sarah is the ultimate front (wo)man. She seems to hold your gaze when she sings with that crystal clear voice. There's a beautiful vulnerability about her which belies the creative tempest going on around - it's like watching someone caught up in the eye of a storm. A storm which she has no trouble taming."